Water & Flooding Damage

El Niño is Here: What Impacts Will It Have on U.S. Winter Weather?

POSTED ON: November 2, 2015
It is now generally well known that a strong El Niño is present. What does this strong El Niño mean for impacts in the United States this winter? Before we get there, let’s briefly take a look at what El Niño is. El Niño is warmer than normal water in the eastern and central tropical Pacific O... Read More

Hurricane Joaquin: A Surprisingly Strong Storm in an Otherwise Quiet Season

POSTED ON: October 12, 2015
Through the latter part of September, the Atlantic basin hurricane season had been on pace for one of the quietest years in the last half-century. While nine storms had been named by the National Hurricane Center, only two became hurricanes. Accumulated Cyclone Energy (ACE), an integrated storm meas... Read More

National Preparedness Month: Time to Make Your Emergency Plan

POSTED ON: August 31, 2015
It’s always nice to get ahead and be above average. Unless we’re talking about things like natural disasters. And we are because September is National Preparedness Month (NPM). 2015 has already been a whopper of a year for natural disasters. In the first half of 2015 alone, insured losses in the... Read More

El Niño and La Niña – Weather Patterns That Could Impact Your Business

POSTED ON: August 24, 2015
“…the Godzilla El Niño.”1 “All Signs Indicate a New Monster El Niño is Coming.”2 These quotes aren’t from a new action movie. They are just a couple of examples of the dramatic headlines and descriptions about the potential of this year’s El Niño. Since most of the stories hearken b... Read More

How to Respond to Water Damage: Understanding the Risks

POSTED ON: August 17, 2015
We all know that there are a lot of possible causes for water damage in a building. Flooding. Incursion from heavy rain. Broken pipes or plumbing. Broken water lines. But do you know about the three categories of water damage and their potential impact on employee and customer safety? The fact is t... Read More

Disaster Readiness – The Cost of Doing Nothing

POSTED ON: July 27, 2015
What's the true cost of doing nothing in the way of disaster preparedness? Interstate addresses this exact question below in the latest episode of the Innovations television series with Ed Begley, Jr. which aired on Fox Business News this past Saturday. Take just a few minutes to tune in and lea... Read More

Take the Time to Safeguard Your Documents Before a Disaster

POSTED ON: July 20, 2015
Natural disasters aren’t always the most pressing danger to your business. Even a simple pipe leak can lead to financially crippling damage. When time is of the essence to save damaged documents and books, find out why upfront planning is key in the video below: To learn more about Interstate'... Read More

Initial 2015 Atlantic Basin Hurricane Forecast is in…

POSTED ON: April 13, 2015
June 1st marks the start of the Atlantic basin hurricane season, and while no one can say with certainty what storms lie ahead, the Tropical Meteorology Project (TMP) at Colorado State University is predicting a “much below-average” 2015 Atlantic basin hurricane season due to an increase of vert... Read More

March Weather Madness: Get Your Business Ready

POSTED ON: March 16, 2015
With spring upon us, many parts of the country are breathing a big sigh of relief. But for businesses in many areas, we’re also entering one of the wildest times of the year for weather. From day to day and week to week, spring weather can sometimes feel like a roller-coaster ride. Nice days can q... Read More

Recovering Wet Documents or Books: A Few Things You Need to Know About Freeze-drying

POSTED ON: February 23, 2015
Want to watch some paper dry? Of course not. Unless maybe you’re dealing with something particularly unpleasant at work today. But in all seriousness, when your business or organization is dealing with important wet documents or books—and the potential related process or legal costs, or historic... Read More