Water & Flooding Damage

The Freezing 5 — Five Tips for Protecting Your Business from Freezing Temperatures

POSTED ON: December 5, 2016
Winter’s weather surprises can be tough enough on your business without mishaps. But when you add on a burst pipe, flooded basement, Christmas tree fire, or other preventable events, the headaches can quickly become enormous and costly. As a complement to our earlier post on fall business preparat... Read More

How Interstate Responds

POSTED ON: October 24, 2016
Fire. Flooding. Storms. Natural Disasters. These events can bring business operations to a screaming halt. Getting a business up and running as quickly as possible is always our goal. How do we do it? Careful preparation and building relationships long before the storm hits. Being “Interstate prep... Read More

Hurricane Matthew: A Record-Breaking and Devastating Hurricane

POSTED ON: October 10, 2016
Hurricane Matthew was named as it entered the Caribbean on September 28. Matthew has since launched a path of devastation across the Caribbean as well as along portions of the southeastern United States. In the process, this storm achieved several meteorological records. Hurricane Matthew became the... Read More

National Preparedness Month: How Prepared is Your Business for Unpredictable Weather Events?

POSTED ON: September 6, 2016
How has your year been so far? Hopefully your business hasn’t been impacted by any of this year’s historic weather events, blindsiding communities and businesses across the country.1 So far in 2016, many parts of the country have already seen record flooding, heatwaves, snowstorms, and destructi... Read More

The Louisiana Floods: What Caused Them and how much Damage has Occurred?

POSTED ON: August 22, 2016
The flooding in Louisiana over the period from August 10 – 17 was absolutely devastating. The total damage caused by this flooding is likely to approach levels generated by some recent United States landfalling hurricanes. Recent media reports indicate that over 40,000 homes have been either d... Read More

Does Commercial Property Insurance Cover Rain Water Damage?

POSTED ON: August 1, 2016
Do you know if your insurance covers rain-related water damage? If not, there’s no time like the present to find out, even if you’re not in a flood plain. Why? Like Maryland, many areas throughout the U.S. have seen above-average rainfall over the last year. And with summer still going strong, m... Read More

Does an Active Early Season Mean a Lively Atlantic Hurricane Season is in Store?

POSTED ON: June 27, 2016
It’s only late June, and the Atlantic has already had four named storms. Danielle formed in the Bay of Campeche on June 20, making 2016 the year with the earliest date that the 4th named storm has formed on record in the Atlantic basin. The old record was June 23 set in 2012. Does this active star... Read More

Hurricane Preparedness Week: 7 Steps to Business Readiness

POSTED ON: May 9, 2016
Caution: Hurricanes Likely Ahead  According to the experts at the Tropical Meteorology Project (TMP) at Colorado State University (CSU), 2018 hurricane forecasts include 12 named storms. Five of the name storms are expected to reach hurricane levels, with one of them likely becoming a major hurrica... Read More

CSU Issues First 2016 Atlantic Basin Hurricane Forecast. They Call for…

POSTED ON: April 18, 2016
June 1st marks the start of the Atlantic basin hurricane season, and while there is significant uncertainty as to how much storm activity may occur, the Tropical Meteorology Project (TMP) at Colorado State University (CSU) is predicting an average 2016 Atlantic basin hurricane season due to two fact... Read More

Severe Weather Preparedness and National Awareness Guide

POSTED ON: March 21, 2016
Somewhere in the U.S. right now, there’s a decent chance that a community of business owners are in the midst of a severe weather episode. Or trying to figure out how to deal with the aftermath. For the prepared and unprepared alike, severe weather can lead to incredibly stressful situations. Put ... Read More