Water & Flooding Damage

Thunderstorms and Roof Leaks: What You Need to Know

POSTED ON: August 6, 2018
If you live in one of the Great Plains states, then you know just how fast the pouring rain from a thunderstorm can add up. And the more thunderstorms you see, the more you need to pay attention to the impact they may be having on your building. After all, no building is 100% waterproof and if there... Read More

6 Steps to Prepare Your Business for Spring Flooding

POSTED ON: May 14, 2018
“Unusual” flooding events happen all over the country and aren't limited to a specific time of year. Whether or not your area is prone to flooding, now is a great time to prepare your business. Watch our latest video to learn the six steps you can take now to make sure your business is prep... Read More

Understanding Hail Damage: What to Survey after a Storm

POSTED ON: April 23, 2018
Depending on your roof material, it’s not always easy to determine if it has sustained hail damage after a storm. For example, if your building has asphalt shingles or a metal roof, you may see obvious dents. However, on a built-up (tar and gravel) roof, you might see few to no visible signs of da... Read More

Here are the Top Five Things to Do After a Flood

POSTED ON: April 16, 2018
Flooding remains one of the most persistent natural disasters in the United States and throughout the world, causing billions of dollars in damage to homes and property each year. Preserving your business continuity in the aftermath can present a daunting challenge, but proper damage restoration is ... Read More

5 Ways to Get Your Business Ready for Fall and Winter

POSTED ON: October 30, 2017
Ready or not, fall is upon us. We hope you’ve had a great summer and that you get to enjoy plenty of mild weather before winter hits. In the meantime, it’s an ideal time for some building and property upkeep that will help you ease into the holiday season and winter knowing you’re ready for wh... Read More

Mold Disasters: 9 Things You Probably Aren't Aware of

POSTED ON: October 2, 2017
Everyone knows mold is unpleasant, and you’re probably well aware that mold can lead to costly problems for businesses. But beyond that, how much do you really know about mold and how to prevent it? Read on for nine interesting facts and a few critical prevention tips: Source: Brian Kichan, CARNO.... Read More

Water Damage How-to Videos

POSTED ON: July 24, 2017
Quickly addressing water damage can be crucial to recovery. Interstate has created a series of four how-to videos that quickly run-through common scenarios to address water damage. Not only will you be able to watch the effects of water damage to drywall, but you will also learn how to mitigate dama... Read More

Infographic: Why Hurricane Preparation Gambles are a Bad Bet

POSTED ON: June 7, 2017
June 1st marked the first day of hurricane season and although originally forecasters were calling for a below-average season, they are now predicting 2017 to be absolutely average activity. Take a moment to understand the 2017 hurricane season forecast, and then be sure to complete your preparatio... Read More

6 Steps to Prepare Your Business for a Flash Flood

POSTED ON: May 15, 2017
So far in each month of 2017, we’ve already seen significant flooding and flash flooding in many parts of the country. In January, severe storms began in Texas and pushed all the way into South Carolina.1 In February, parts of Utah, Idaho and Washington saw flooding and severe winter storms causi... Read More

Hurricane Preparedness Week: A 5-Day Breakdown for Business Readiness

POSTED ON: May 8, 2017
All it takes is a single tropical storm or hurricane to put a serious damper on your business activities. That’s why it’s critical to take steps to prepare your business for a worst-case scenario even though the extended-range forecast for the 2017 hurricane season is reporting as below normal.1... Read More