10 Ways to Reduce Slips, Trips, and Falls in Your Business

POSTED ON: February 18, 2019
Slips, trips and falls are the leading cause of general workplace accidents and injuries ranging from minor bruises to severe traumas such as head injuries, broken bones, sprains and lacerations. In fact, slips, trips and falls are often reported as the most common causes of workers' compensatio... Read More

Frozen Pipes, Water Damage, Roof Damage: Tips for Winter Weather Emergencies

POSTED ON: January 7, 2019
When winter temperatures are at their coldest, the last thing you want to deal with is water damage or roof damage—or both. Yet the wintery mix of cold and freezing temperatures and powerful storms means that frozen pipes as well as flooding, or even a compromised roof, are very real possibilities... Read More

The High Costs of Ignoring Proper Drying Protocols

POSTED ON: October 31, 2018
You are probably familiar with the expression “what you see is what you get” or the associated WYSIWYG abbreviation. Although people use the phrase in a lot of different ways, the basic idea is that there is little to no difference between what is visible to you and the underlying reality of wha... Read More

It's Fire Prevention Week: Is Your Business Ready?

POSTED ON: October 8, 2018
Despite modern safety measures, devices and building techniques, fires still present a very real danger for businesses. Every year, upwards of 80,000 workplace fires occur, resulting in thousands of injuries and scores of deaths, so it is vital to keep fire prevention and evacuation strategies activ... Read More

Download Your Quick Guide to Fire Damage

POSTED ON: September 24, 2018
No one can tell you exactly what to expect in a building fire because there are simply too many variables to consider. Recovering quickly (relative to the circumstances) however, requires awareness of the basics of the recovery process, including key insurance considerations, what kind of help you... Read More

3 Reasons You Should Update Your Disaster Recovery Plan

POSTED ON: July 9, 2018
If your business has a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) in place, we applaud you. DRPs are a fundamental resource for making sure your business can navigate disaster and quickly recover after the worst has passed. But… Unfortunately, it’s also easy for DRPs to become outdated. For example, people ge... Read More

The Value of Social Media During Disasters and Helpful Feeds to Follow

POSTED ON: June 18, 2018
If you look at practically any checklist for a disaster preparedness kit, a battery-powered radio and extra batteries will be near the top. Yet although radios will probably always be important to readiness, smart phones have quickly become the preferred resource for figuring out what’s happening ... Read More

National Safety Month: 3 Loss Site Dangers You Should Be Aware Of

POSTED ON: June 4, 2018
Did you know that every seven seconds, a worker is injured on the job? That adds up to a staggering 4.5 million injuries per year.1 Stats like those make it easy to understand why the National Safety Council (NSC) helps promote National Safety Month every June. This year’s theme is No One Gets Hur... Read More

4 Proactive Disaster Planning Tips for Hotels and Resorts

POSTED ON: February 19, 2018
Okay, let's be real. You're incredibly busy and developing a hotel or resort emergency restoration strategy is probably not near the top of your to-do list. But given the frequency and intensity of weather events and other natural disasters, or even fires, hospitality disaster planning is no... Read More

Putting a Spotlight on Holiday Safety

POSTED ON: November 20, 2017
On you mark, get set… it’s time to plan and decorate for the holidays! But as you do, don’t forget about the safety considerations we highlight below. Why? Because there’s nothing worse than dealing with an injury or fire during the season of thanks and celebration. And unfortunately, the ri... Read More