Disaster Restoration

The Danger Zone: Reduce Your Risk When Inspecting Damage Following a Disaster

POSTED ON: June 17, 2020
As we celebrate the National Safety Council’s (NSC) National Safety Month, now’s the time to think about ways to put safety first should you need to inspect damage to your building in the immediate aftermath of a natural disaster or other catastrophic event. The reality is that employees an... Read More

Protecting Your Business: 5 Things to Know About Coronavirus

POSTED ON: March 5, 2020
About Coronavirus (COVID-19) The novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused thousands of fatalities around the world. It is spread primarily from person-to-person, and evidence exists that a person can get it by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it and then touching their own mouth, no... Read More

Why Faster Recovery Begins with Preplanning and Trust

POSTED ON: February 20, 2020
We’ve seen all kinds of mind-blowing disaster situations, and we’re still learning along with our clients. Although the Interstate team hasn’t lost the capacity for surprise, it takes pretty unusual circumstances. For most businesses, however, new or unusual disaster circumstances that lead to... Read More

From Reactive to Proactive: Rethinking the Disaster Recovery Status Quo to Accelerate Recovery

POSTED ON: January 22, 2020
Most of us never consider the big picture of how the disaster restoration industry business models work. And for good reason… you already have plenty on your plate and no urgent need to evaluate models. But if you are managing a portfolio of properties with many locations, it is worth taking the t... Read More

Frozen Pipes, Water Damage, Roof Damage: Tips for Winter Weather Emergencies

POSTED ON: December 9, 2019
When winter temperatures are at their coldest, the last thing you want to deal with is water damage or roof damage—or both. Yet the wintery mix of cold and freezing temperatures and powerful storms means that frozen pipes as well as flooding, or even a compromised roof, are very real possibilities... Read More

Understanding Interstate’s Portfolio Approach: Questions and Answers

POSTED ON: October 29, 2019
For large companies with numerous locations, recovering from natural disasters can involve massive headaches. After all, with any large-scale event, there are a host of challenges and inefficiencies associated with lining up and dealing with different disaster restoration vendors, as well as your in... Read More

Why a Business Impact Analysis is Important

POSTED ON: October 22, 2019
As you may know, Business Impact Analysis (BIA) is a tool used by senior management to analyze business functions and assess the risks of disasters on an organization. If performed before a crisis, a BIA will help support a smoother recovery should the unexpected event occur. One of the goals of a B... Read More

The Efficiency Model Demo: Why proactive beats reactive every time

POSTED ON: October 8, 2019
At Interstate we know the importance of strong partnerships. Our latest demo showcases the importance of what this means to us and how we incorporate this thinking into every relationship we build with a client…long before a disaster strikes. Learn more about how we apply a portfolio approach... Read More

After the Smoke Clears: A Look at the Fire Recovery Process

POSTED ON: September 23, 2019
When it comes to writing a good disaster recovery plan (DRP), knowledge is power. After all, key steps in the recovery process will inform what’s possible in terms of restoring part or all of your business operations as soon as possible. That’s why we want to give you an insider’s look into th... Read More

Water Damage? 3 Things You Need to Know about Drying Out

POSTED ON: May 6, 2019
After your business experiences water damage from a leaky pipe, rainstorm or flood, you naturally want to get things back to normal as soon as possible. If you’re dealing with anything other than a large incursion, you understandably may be considering handling the cleanup and drying yourself to s... Read More