Breathe-easy with Interstate at RIMS

There is never a shortage of useful risk management topics to choose from at the RIMS conference and this year is no different. With such compelling sessions as those listed below, we are excited to participate not only in the exhibition, but also present.

Stacy Mazur (CEO/President of Interstate) will be will be speaking at a panel session, “Establishing a Property Loss Response Program: Hospitality and Lodging Industry” (IND005), on Wednesday (4/30) that is geared toward helping attendees better understand the importance of developing a property loss response program to ensure business continuity during and after a disastrous event.

Here is a list of some other compelling topics to check out:

· Proving and Defending Lost Profit and Business Interruption Damages – CLM003
· Assessing the Vulnerability of a Supply Chain: A Strategic Risk Approach – RIC009
· Disaster Planning and Managing Large Losses: The Ten Commandments of Success – RIC005

You can access the full conference schedule here.

Be sure to stop by our booth (#1747) in between your sessions to learn more about our emergency response services and to reenergize…we will be hosting an oxygen bar to help you refuel and breath-easy in the Mile High City.