7 Tips To Prepare Your Property For Winter & Winter Weather Impacts

Are you prepared for winter storms? Winter is here and that means it is important for you to prepare your properties to withstand freezing temperatures to prevent pipes breaking and have a plan for snow removal to prevent a roof collapse.

Having a winter storm disaster recovery plan in place can protect your properties and save you time and money. Make sure your disaster recovery plan includes the following seven winterization tips:

  1. Check your properties for cracks or obvious weak points where leaks can form through windows and rooftops. This could avoid a big, expensive problem.
  2. You may want to have your heating system serviced or what some plumbers call “winterized” to assure that your system is working properly and ready to withstand low temperatures. If the temperature inside your building gets below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, it is likely that your pipes will freeze. When water freezes inside pipes it typically expands by approximately nine percent which puts you at risk of your pipes cracking. This could cause pipes to burst resulting in water damage to your building.
  3. If your building is vacant you may want to turn off the water supply and drain your supply lines. Plan on having someone visit the vacant property every few days to make sure the building has not experienced a leak.
  4. If you notice a build up of snow on your roof, pay attention to the amount of snow and what type of snow it is. Every roof should have a snow load rating. Be aware of what the rating is for each property.
  5. Make sure the drains on your roof are free of debris.
  6. Continue monitoring the weather to address potential melting, refreezing, drifting or build up of snow. If you choose to have your own maintenance department remove snow from your roof, be sure they are dressed properly, have a sturdy ladder, and have them shovel snow away from people below and the ladder. If you have a flat roof you will also want to place salt on the surface to minimize exposure to slip and falls.
  7. It is important to have a relationship with an emergency response restoration and general contracting company along with a company who specializes in snow removal. You will want your preferred vendor to be familiar with your properties and your expectations. It is also important to get agreed pricing with this type of vendor prior to a winter storm event so you can avoid paying higher prices for snow removal or contractor services if you do experience a roof collapse or resulting water damage.


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