Accelerate Property Recovery

If you’ve ever thought “there’s got to be a better way” while dealing with the headaches of managing disaster-related claims, we couldn’t agree more. Especially when you factor in all of the process-related complexities across your insurance company and restoration provider, along with internal processes.

Everything Else in Business is Moving Faster—Claims Should Too

Interstate Restoration has developed a transformative approach for partnering with clients and insurance companies that is proven to reduce downtime and overall claims costs after a disaster.

We cut through the recovery “red tape” and delays in the claims process using a combination of close partnerships, a portfolio approach to managing properties, proprietary processes and transparent communication and reporting as part of our commitment to:

  • Speed up recovery and claims time
  • Reduce recovery costs
  • Deliver exceptional experiences




Contact us today to learn more about how our proprietary process can unleash efficiencies in the claims process.